Kujali Education Fund, Inc.


Mission Statement

“Kujali” is a Swahili work that means “to care”. The Kujali Education Fund, Inc. was formed to improve the quality of life in northern Tanzania for orphans and other vulnerable children through education, social support, and the development of income-generating activities.

Currently, most of our work is centered on obtaining educational scholarships for orphans and vulnerable children in the Kashashi Village of Northern Tanzania. Sponsors are asked to donate $150/year for a child in primary school or $350/year for a child in secondary school. These fees cover the cost of tuition for one year and the costs of uniforms and school supplies.
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To date, more than 65 children have been sponsored through The Kujali Education Fund, ranging in age from 7 to 21 years. Some of them have now graduated from secondary school and have gone on to universities or technical schools. Several of them have become teachers; one became a successful ranking police officer. None of their successes would have been possible without these donations.